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Dave Yoho wrote a great piece for Professional Remodeler, Why Sell Metal Roofing, where he highlighted what the best in the industry were doing with their new metal roofing product.

It gives us a sense of exclusivity… metal roofing gives us a decisive edge in our market.” reported John Kailian, president of the Big50 award-winning Appleby Window Systems.

If you’re not already carrying metal roofing and using it to grow your bottom line revenue, we can offer you a ready-made system to market, sell, and install metal roofing. If you are carrying metal roofing, but you are not wowed by your manufacturer’s support, you should give us a call!

Why Grow with Turtle Shell

Here at Turtle Shell Roofing, we could not agree more with David Yoho. We supply the leading remodelers in the nation with granule-coated metal roofing, ready to be installed directly in full re-roofs or over existing asphalt roofing for the best possible profit margins.

Turtle Shell Metal Roofing supplies you with:

  • A world-class metal roofing system for fast installs and fewer service calls
  • Sales training so you experience explosive growth
  • A comprehensive marketing support system, generating leads and training you on how to close those leads

Ready to get started? Drop us a line here and our team will reach out to you immediately to answer any questions you may have before carrying Turtle Shell Roofing!

Why Big50 Remodelers Grow with Metal Roofing

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