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With Memorial Day just around the corner and the health situation settling down, you know what that means - busy season!

To get ready for the flood of new business, you will want to polish your reputation and put your best foot forward. One great tool in your arsenal is online reviews. But not all online review platforms are created equal!

Here are our 4 top picks for remodeling review websites, and one we just can’t stand. Ask your happiest customers to leave you a quick review on these winners, and hit the ground running after the long weekend!


Your Google My Business Listing shows up every time a customer searches online for your brand. That means just about every potential customer will see your reviews!

The good news is that this listing is highly visible, most customers already have a Google account, and there is no tricky filter to steal your reviews. This review site is an A+ choice!

Our Chicagoland dealership for Turtle Shell Roofing kills it on Google reviews!

Your own website

Why leave your reputation in the hands of a few Silicon Valley companies? Create a review section on your website, and ask for customers to leave you a review there! That way, you have full control over your growth.

Your manufacturer websites

Are your manufacturers supporting you with a listing on their website? They should be! Be sure to request a few reviews on those listings, to maximize your chance of winning business.

At Turtle Shell Roofing, we even wrap the reviews on our website in special code so that Google turns them into a star rating in search results. If you were a Turtle Shell dealer, you could use your listing on our site to reinforce your great reputation!

Five stars never looked so good!


Houzz offers a great platform to share reviews and particularly project photos. With no filter, no login required to leave a review, and a great modern presentation for your reviews, Houzz is definitely a winner for your reputation management plan.

Avoid: Yelp

We work with the best remodelers around the country who carry metal roofing. The one thing all of our dealers can agree on, other than the value of a great metal roofing product, is that Yelp is the worst!

Combine an aggressive cold-call sales team with an even-more aggressive review-eating filter, and you get Yelp. Spend your energy collecting reviews on friendlier platforms or building your reputation on your own website!

So there you have it – 4 review sites to spruce up before the big rush next week, and then one to avoid!

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of cutting-edge metal roofing products, think about Turtle Shell Roofing! We are here to support you, from templated emails to request reviews to American-made granule-coated metal roofing panels. Give us a call today and we will talk you through the advantages of being a Turtle Shell Roofing dealer!

Top 5 Review Sites for Home Improvement Companies

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