Running a Homeowner Stimulus Program

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How Contractors are Growing During Lockdown

The pandemic has required metal roofers and remodelers to get creative to reach their customers and grow their businesses. Bring customers onboard and let them know you are on their side during these strange times with a Home Improvement Stimulus Package promotion.

Here’s how we see them working:

Mailed “Checks”

2020 is the year of direct mail – after all, everyone is spending more time at home! Offer your leads a “home improvement stimulus check” for the amount of your monthly special. If you’re offering $1,000 off projects, send that out in a new way!

Email It Out

Emailing your book of business is a snap, you won’t find a better ROI for your time anywhere. Now is the time to drum up appointments from your existing leads.

Invite Past Customers

Who better to offer great pricing to than your valued customers? Be sure to include them with special messaging in your promotional offer. Extend the pricing not only to past customers, but any friends or family they would like to refer!

If you are looking for more sales and higher-value sales from your existing sales funnel, your should consider Turtle Shell Roofing. Our metal roofing product has a stellar average ticket, unbeatable warranty, and sales/marketing support to guarantee your growth. Call us today to learn about our exclusive territories!

There you have it – by pairing a winning Home Improvement Stimulus Package offer with your existing database of leads, you have a recipe for healthy growth in uncertain times.

Running a Homeowner Stimulus Program

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