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Leaving behind the pandemic and uncertainty of 2020, now’s the time to start thinking about the “Return to Normal” in 2021!

Here is your guide to grow your business by expanding on what works and cutting what doesn’t.

  • Cut the Fat

Take a close look at your marketing. One quick and easy calculation to run is taking the total amount you spent on a marketing source, and then dividing the total amount of revenue from that source. For instance, if you made $10,000 from an advertising investment of $1,000, you would have a 10% Cost of Marketing.

Anything less than 10% is considered good! Above 10%, and you should closely consider your profit margins and potentially cut the source.

  • Prepare for the Future

The move towards high-tech home improvements didn’t start in 2020, but it certainly did accelerate!

Prepare for the future by future-proofing your company. A great website will help potential buyers select you in a crowded market, even if they never meet your canvassers or see you at an event!

  • Enter High Growth Markets

Here at Turtle Shell Roofing, our dealers have seen fantastic growth throughout 2020. The reason for this is simple – metal roofing is a growth industry!

More and more homeowners are learning about the advantages of metal roofing from their families, neighbors, and online. When you see a system like our own stone-coated metal roofing that looks like top-quality shingles, the move is a no-brainer!

The good news is that we are looking for a group of top-notch local dealers to carry our product. So give us a call today, and we can talk you through adding Turtle Shell Metal Roofing to your lineup!

Planning for 2021

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