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Installing your metal roof demands two equally mission-critical components. The first ingredient is a top-quality, stoned-coated metal shingle and support system. With quality shingles, not only will your metal roof look amazing, in all of the traditional styles as well as contemporary designs, but metal roofing shingles are simply unmatched in impact resistance and durability. The second key ingredient is a team of experts who know the particular ins and outs of installing metal roofing. Our team is the best team available and can install your metal roof without a hitch, for a finely designed and safe roof that will stand up for many decades.

Our Norridge metal roofs offer you plenty of distinctive advantages:

  • Green design: Stone-coating gives unbeatable energy efficiency by reflecting UV radiation and saving you money on your energy bills
  • Durability: Simply unparalleled longevity, lasting more than 5 times longer than typical roofing shingles
  • Safety: Metal roofs offer unmatched shielding against storm and fire damage
  • Weatherized: Being built heavier than most roofing shingles, metal roofs are impressively resistant to high winds, storms, and hail damage, beating the worst weather in Norridge without any problems
  • Beauty: Our stone-coated metal shingles are stunning to look at. No doubt, we will add to your pride of ownership for decades to come!
  • Customer service: We value our homeowners, and we are not off the clock until you are thrilled with our craftsmanship. That’s our philosophy, and the reason so many of our homeowners recommend us to family, friends, and colleagues!

If you feel ready for a Norridge metal roof that will last for ages, and a dependable Norridge roofing company that will support you for just as long, please reach out by phone or email. We would be excited to talk you through the particulars for installing a metal roof, as well as offering you several different budget-friendly project plans to enhance your property with metal roofing.

Why Turtle Shell Metal Roofing for Your Norridge Metal Roof?

The team of roofing contractors at Turtle Shell Metal Roofing has installed dozens of metal roofs. We know the exact methods required in metal roofing replacement. Our roofers take special pride in their roofing work in knowing that our roofing project will protect your home for a great many years, so you can rely on us to do the installation right, on the first go-round.

We hope to have shed some light on metal roofing. Ready to get started, or have other questions about metal roofing? We would be happy to help! Call us today and we can answer your questions and provide a free roof inspection and metal roofing estimate. If you prefer email, you can also fill in the form on this page to get started. We look forward to hearing from you about your metal roofing project!

Metal Roofing for Norridge

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