Metal Roofing Styles

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Metal Roofing Styles

As homeowners realize the value and longevity of metal roofing, many are asking what options they have for metal roofing installation. Here at Turtle Shell Roofing, we are happy to help! We are the nation’s leading manufacturer of metal roofing. You have many options, and we will demystify each for you.

Stone Coated Roofing

Traditional metal roofing uses low-tech fabrication techniques to stamp or roll sheet metal into roofing panels. While durable, this roofing material is best suited for industrial applications, due to its poor sound and heat insulation properties.

Turtle Shell Roofing takes an innovative new approach, by coating thin metal panels with roofing granules – creating a stone seal around an aluminum core. Both lightweight and extremely durable, your Turtle Shell Roof adds durability, insulation, and beauty to your home for years to come!

Standing Seam Roofing

Standing seam metal roofing is a perennial favorite of business owners and homeowners with a modern aesthetic. With raised seams, your building will have a striking roof for maximum curb appeal! Advantages of standing seam roofing include the extreme durability of metal roofing, plus a sought-after appearance.

Metal Tile Roofing

By adding a metal core to classic roofing tiles, Turtle Shell Roofing gives you both the stunning visuals of a high-end roofing tile as well as the bomb-proof toughness of metal roof panels. If you’re worried about sound, don’t be! Our Turtle Shell Roofing is whisper quiet, even in the heaviest rain and hail.

Ready to get started with a 5-star metal roofing contractor? Give us a call! Our network of metal roofing installers are the best in the industry, carrying an industry leading Double Lifetime Warranty. Don’t settle for less, reach out today!

Metal Roofing Styles

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