What Makes Turtle Shell the Best Metal Roof

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What Makes Turtle Shell the Best Metal Roof

When you are selecting a metal roofing material, you will want to keep an eye on the following factors:

  • Corrosion-resistance: Particularly if you live in a wet climate or a climate with harsh winters, you will want to avoid corrosion-prone steel roofing products
  • Appearance: Plain metal roofing panels bring to mind sheds and barns. By coating your metal roofing panels with asphalt granules, you can achieve the same great look as high-end architectural shingles!
  • Longevity: Of course, you will want a metal roofing product that can stand the test of time, resisting wind and fire damage all the while!

Why Turtle Shell Metal Roofing

When you compare your options for metal roofing, it is clear that Turtle Shell Metal Roofing gives you the best benefits in each category, including:

  • All-Aluminum construction: The aluminum core at the heart of the Turtle Shell Metal Roofing system is rust-proof, unlike heavier and less resilient steel panels.
  • High-End appearance: Our manufacturing process gives our aluminum metal roofing panels the same high-end look and feel as an asphalt roof. Your neighbors won’t even know the difference!
  • Hail, Fire, and Wind resistance: Our roofing survives a battery of severe punishment before being entrusted to protect your home, including fire, hail, and impressive wind resistance.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and we can help you with the finest metal roofing products available!

What Makes Turtle Shell the Best Metal Roof

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