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At a home improvement business, you are only as successful as your lead generation programs. Here at Turtle Shell Roofing, we understand the importance of a reliable funnel of interested homeowners looking for your products! That is why we dug into the numbers from Remodeling Magazine’s recent survey of lead generation for the home improvement industry.

Here is what we found:

Source: Remodel Magazine’s 2020 Benchmarks Data

Old and New Lead Generation Methods

The two most popular methods for generating leads represent traditional and cutting-edge marketing methods. 

The first is referrals. Tried, true, and a natural outcome from running a great home improvement business! You can foster referrals by having a well-designed CRM that sends automatic messages to previous customers. You can also encourage your staff with incentives for reaching out to previous customers for a more “hands on” approach to your referral funnel.

The second is your website and digital marketing, sometimes called SEO. The pandemic only accelerated the shift to digital for the home improvement industry, but shift it did! Here at Turtle Shell Roofing, we are big believers in digital marketing – we see it for ourselves every month as our dealers beat their sales records!

It’s not a question of either/or when it comes to lead generation. By diversifying and balancing your lead generation portfolio, you are future-proofing your business

Manufacturer-Generated Leads

More home improvement pros than ever before are relying on the manufacturers of products they carry to provide sales leads. Turtle Shell Metal Roofing is at the cutting edge of this transformation, providing our dealers with both free local leads as well as great options for expanded lead generation for metal roofing projects.

If you are thinking about metal roofing but don’t have a great pipeline for metal roofing leads, we can help you out! Give us a call today as we’d be happy to talk through your sales goals for 2021 and beyond.

Lead Generation for 2021 and Beyond

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