How to Build Your Metal Roofing Sales Team

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How to Build Your Metal Roofing Sales Team

When it comes to maximizing your growth when you carry metal roofing products, it pays to watch the best players in the home improvement industry.

Between 1994 and 1996, the team at Shirey Home Pro tripled in size from 500,000 in revenue to over $1,500,000 in revenue. Their next goal was the same as the last, to triple in revenue, but the task was more daunting simply because the target was so much higher – at a towering 5 million in targeted revenue.

To reach these lofty goals, the team opted to formalize their sales training. Choosing the Sandler System, often considered the most popular in remodeling sales training systems, the team at Shirey Home Pro were able to consistently hit their goals.

Here are the key takeaways from the team’s success.

Consistent Sales Training Equals Consistent Sales Results

The benefits of using a formal sales training system include:

  • Consistency: Your sales team is made of human beings – individuals might have bad days, but they can always fall back on their training systems!
  • Reliability: As your sales team scales up, you will be working with so many professionals that you can no longer rely on individual talent to grow your business – systems help build talent in ALL team members!
  • Avoid pitfalls: A well-designed sales system avoids common causes for 1-star reviews that will hurt your business – being late to the appointment, for instance!

Here at Turtle Shell Metal Roofing, we help you with advanced sales training by our metal roofing experts. We teach you all of the critical skills you need to provide your sales team with the tools to grow your business!

How to Build Your Metal Roofing Sales Team

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