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Turtle Shell Metal Roofing: Frequently Asked Dealer Questions

Thinking about becoming a Turtle Shell Roofing dealer? Great! We’d be happy to have you on the team. If you have lingering questions, have a look at the FAQ below, or simply give us a call at (630) 420-2838 and we will get you the answer you’re looking for.

What are the Franchise Fees to being a Turtle Shell Dealer?

There are no franchise fees! We structured our network around dealer success. When you install our product, your company grows and our company grows.

Can I communicate with other Turtle Shell Roofing dealers?

Absolutely! We have dozens of leading metal roofing companies nationwide who carry Turtle Shell Roofing. We can and should learn from what the most successful companies in our network are doing.

Does Turtle Shell Roofing offer marketing support?

We sure do! Turtle Shell Roofing has a skilled team of in-house marketers and digital experts who connect you with local homeowners looking for metal roof installation. From print materials to digital ads, we have you covered. You will be wowwed by your cost-per-lead and cost-per-sale!

Is there Turtle Shell Roofing sales training?

There sure is! Our team of in-house sales trainers have decades of combined experience selling metal roofs. We can teach you the unique ins-and-outs of explaining the value of a lifelong roof with a transferable warranty.

Is a Turtle Shell Roofing dealership a Business-in-a-Box?

Yes! If your home improvement business has room for growth by implementing proven processes that just work, we have those processes for you to use. That includes marketing materials, free lead generation plus paid options, as well as world-class sales training from our in-house team.

Remember – we only grow if you grow, so we have set up all of the systems you need to make it happen in your market!

Dealer FAQ

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