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Turtle Shell: A Cut Above the Rest

Traditional Styling, Modern Performance: Turtle Shell Roofing gives you the ability to install a metal roof that looks just like your customers’ favorite shingles, with the cutting-edge performance of metal

Fast Installation Times: Unlike heavy stone-coated shingles, Turtle Shell Roofing performs great as a second layer installed over an existing asphalt roof at the end of its service life

Reliable Delivery: Why work with manufacturers that don’t respect your time and schedule? Our order delivery is like clockwork

Margins and Growth: Our metal roofing partners are experiencing unprecedented growth due to the fantastic profit margins of this product

What Can I Expect as a Turtle Shell Dealer?

Turtle Shell Roofing is an innovative product with features that no one else in the metal roofing marketplace can match. When you become a Turtle Shell Roofing dealer, you get not only an unbeatable product, but also an unbeatable network of support to grow your business!

After all, we are only successful if you are successful – so we invest in your business!

Here are some of the support network resources that you can take advantage of:

  • Experienced digital lead generation support
  • Business consultants to streamline your growth
  • Sales coaching to get more profit out of every lead
  • Cutting edge processes proven out by leading dealers
  • Business-in-a-box to help you become more profitable!
  • Expert sales training and consultation to help your reps close more deals – FREE OF CHARGE
  • FREE product education
  • We are also offering back end support – your staff can contact our expert team while in the home!

Ready to get started with a fantastic new product to grow your home improvement business? Give us a call at (630) 420-2838 today to get started!

Add Curb Appeal with Turtle Shell

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