5 metal roof maintenance tips for Chicagoland Metal Roofs

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With the beginning of winter around the corner and an emphasis on renovation measures that homeowners should undertake due to COVID-19 while sheltering in place, now is a perfect time to explore exterior repairs and care that can not only help boost curb appeal, but also secure your home in the long run.

That involves maintenance and care of the roof. Easy washing, such as pollution, airborne soil, and organic material debris, can help eliminate harmful elements. The Turtle Shell Metal Roofing recommends that homeowners regularly care for and clean their metal roofs to ensure maximum performance, while metal roofs are well-known for being easy to maintain, exceptionally long-lasting, and durable thanks to special coatings and finishes. And, unlike asphalt roofs that can be susceptible to mold, mildew, and fungus and require harsh chemicals to clean, the good news is that cleaning a quality Chicago metal roofs are often as easy as using nothing more than plain water to wash away dirt , dust and other debris effectively.

Chicagoland Metal Roofing maintenance

If homeowners deal with cleaning themselves or employ a professional, it is vital to pay attention to proper methods of maintenance and avoid errors that could cause harm. Follow this advice from leading Turtle Shell Metal Roofing representatives to clean your metal roof, and always be sure to double-check the basic recommendations of your metal roofing manufacturer:

  1. Think first about protection. For any form of roof repair, protection is often the most critical phase, regardless of what the material is. If you’re not relaxed or well-prepared to take the proper care, do not do it yourself. Instead, employ an accomplished and competent, skilled, reputable roof cleaning business. Ask questions, review credentials, and make sure that every specialist you employ has expertise and utilizes appropriate procedures appropriate for your roof style.
  2. Have the roof set. Take out the gutters and downspouts and clear some big debris including trees from the rooftop. Fix some problems with the gutter and take weeds away from the roof.
  3. Using the ideal recipe. Mix 1/4 cup detergent (including mild laundry detergents, car cleaning cleaner, mild dish soap) per gallon of water if water alone isn’t enough to eliminate typical dirt and debris. Must not use or misuse washing products unnecessarily. To better secure and preserve roof guarantees, obey the directions of the maker.
  4. He does it fast. Using a washcloth, sponge, soft bristle cleaner, and/or non-abrasive pad, add the remedy to the roof floor. The aim is to use the lightest touch that can do the job efficiently. Never use a metal roof with steel wool, wire brushes, high-pressure strength washers, scouring powders, paint removers or thinners.
  5. Offer the final touch to it. For 5 to 10 minutes, let the solvent stand before completely rinsing the surface with plain water.

One of the simplest styles to clean and care for is quality metal roofs, rendering them extremely low maintenance and reducing long-term ownership costs. Offer them a little treatment, and for several decades, your metal roof will remain elegant, fresh and safeguard your house.

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